By Paula @ Holiday World

Received this email from Allison this morning:

I just read the request from Connie in Texas about the brochure.

I couldn't believe it!

My husband's mother passed away in March and we've been busy cleaning out her home. (Keep in mind, my husband comes from a long line of pack rats.) We actually have the brochure from Santa Claus Land with the little girl wearing the sunglasses!

It was found among a thousand other brochures from various vacations over the years.

We pitched all the others but kept the Santa Claus Land brochure.

Not that we are freaks … my second cousin, Lori, happened to marry Will Koch so it has some meaning to us.

It is a small world! Who would have thought I'd marry a boy who visited Santa Claus Land, my cousin, Lori, married a boy who would grow up to be King of Holiday World, and my in-laws would keep everything they ever touched so that we could have the missing brochure featuring the little girl on the springy thing!

I bet there aren't too many other people who could read the "Brochure Baby" HoliBlog and have the exact same brochure right in front of them. Maybe we should have saved the other brochures and put them on eBay.

Oh, say hello to Lori and Will for us. We can't wait to ride the new coaster! We set up our chairs from our dining room all in a row and "rode" the computer simulation, but somehow, it just isn't the same as the real thing!

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