By Paula @ Holiday World

Now that we’re looking down the lane toward our 60th Anniversary Season, we’re not only going to look ahead to the opening of The Voyage, we’ll also take a look back at some of your memories from over the decades.

Christina, from Texas, emailed the other day. It didn’t take much prompting for her to send us some pictures. She believes the family photos are from 1976-78.

Here she is:

…with her baby brother (who now stands 6’5″ tall) and her grandfather from Fairfield, Illinois.

And here’s her story:

I visited Santa Claus Land frequently as a girl in the 1970s.

We passed through again in the early eighties and then a winter around the turn of the century. Ah, what a journey! This past weekend, I was showing off my new computer by introducing my parents to the Holiday World Web site. They grew up in Southern Illinois and are both impressed and astonished.

My husband and I are taking our three-year-old son in August to enjoy a family reunion and then spend some time in Holiday World. I’ve been anticipating this visit since a few years ago when I saw a PBS documentary on amusement parks and roller coasters and discovered the park of my youth had completely revitalized!

(Paula’s note: This classic children’s ride is still in operation, Christina. You may notice, however, that the pirana-like teeth were extracted since your last visit.)

I grew up in Florida and attended the Disney parks, then moved to Texas and visited Six Flags. There was a Fiesta Texas in San Antonio — a self-made venture like yours — but when it was taken over by the Six Flags establishment, it quickly began to deteriorate. I no longer enjoy going to those parks because of the lines, crowds, EXPENSIVE drinks, and a general lack of class (well, Disney will always maintain that high touch).

Just from what I’ve seen so far and what I remember, I think my family is going to have the best vacation ever – until we are able to travel up there again.

Welcome back, Christina!

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