By Paula @ Holiday World

My 13 year-old-daughter and I drove from St. Louis to Holiday World yesterday, August 9, and had a super time. I’ve been checking out your park for a few years online, but have been living in Oregon and not able to visit.

Rides: As coaster lovers, the Raven and Legend don’t disappoint, but you already know this. I was surprised to wait about 5 minuntes to ride the Raven and rode a good 8 times. The Legend line was longer but moved quickly and allowed us 6 rides. My daughter loved the Liberty Launch and rode it more time than either of us can count.

Food: We ate tacos at the Alamo and burgers in Halloween land. Both were very good and surprisingly affordable. Thank you for providing good food at a fair price in a clean restaurant. The free drinks made us feel so welcome in your park; Thank you.

Staff: I loved the rhymes of the coaster operators and we were greeted with smiles and friendly conversation throughout the day. On our way out, a lady in a white staff shirt gave us the biggest smile and a genuine thank you as we left the park. We felt great.

Merchandise: We visit theme parks a lot but never purchase souvenirs because they’re either gaudy, expensive, or both. However you offered affordable T-shirts and pins which we will love for a long time to come.

Even though St. Louis is 3 hours away, we’re considering purchasing season passes for next year and are oh so excited to ride the Voyage.

Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to visit again.

I’ll tell everyone I know to go to Holiday World.

Greg S.
Manchester, Missouri

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