By Paula @ Holiday World

Who dumped this stuff?

…and does Mrs. Koch know what a mess they made?

The grassy area to the south of our employee parking lot is full of very large, shiny, cylindrical objects.

When I went up close to take this photo, I got dizzy (how embarrassing):

These two, together, looked like a huge pair of binoculars.

Alien binoculars, perchance?

They’re each seven feet in diameter, by the way.

Any idea what they are?

A quick call to Will and we have the answer.


They’ll go under the new walkway that, in 2006, will connect The Wave to the new Bahari River.

They’ll also be used in the area going upstream to Bahari.

After studying the above photo I must admit I’m not convinced space aliens aren’t involved.

Very messy aliens.

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