By Paula @ Holiday World

Today's the day … the announcement of the 2005 Golden Ticket Awards.

We've been honored with several awards over the years. It's gotten so we include the Golden Ticket logo on our brochure.

One fellow made our Call Center ladies smile a month ago; he was charmingly confused about those golden tickets.

Apparently a particular movie remake this summer got him to thinking he needed to consume a massive amount of candy bars before visiting us.

He wasn't completely wrong, though … the Golden Tickets are definitely, well, sweet!

We received two of the top honors this year:

  • Friendliest (for the 8th year in a row) and
  • Cleanest (for the 6th consecutive year)

Splashin' Safari was named the #2 water park again, and our coasters and water rides received high rankings as well.

Mrs. Koch was on hand in San Antonio, Texas, this afternoon to accept the awards and to announce that the 2006 Awards Ceremony will be hosted by her family's park in Santa Claus, Indiana.

Our news release, with all the particulars, is posted in our News Room, if you'd like to take a peek.

And to see how all the parks did, click on over to the Amusement Today website.

Thanks to all who voted for us!

Most of all, thanks to all of our Hosts and Hostesses who earned these awards day after day, all season long.

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