By Paula @ Holiday World

Is that the message Mrs. Koch is trying to convey here?

Mrs. Koch was in Texas over the weekend for the Golden Ticket Awards ceremony.

She had a ball.

Visiting other parks is always fun.

Interesting, too.

When the ticket taker at one park was leaning over her station, holding her head, Mrs. Koch (a stickler for posture … my spine is straightening even as I type) couldn't help herself:

Having a bad day?

"Oh, yes. I'm not feeling well. My head hurts. I guess I should have eaten breakfast."

Yes, a good breakfast is important. Hope you feel better — and have a great day!

Saturday afternoon, The Travel Channel asked Mrs. Koch for an interview. Never shy, our matriarch stepped up to the plate.

We don't know yet when the show will air, but it's expected to be next spring or summer.

Congratulations to all the other parks who "brought home the Lucite" as Will calls it.

And our thanks Gary, Tim, Sammy, Janice and everyone else at Amusement Today.

Did I hear a rumor that for next year a new "Best Park Blog" category will be added?

… guess not.

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