By Paula @ Holiday World

I just looked out the door and said the following to Rick:

Good night, Nellie! How much snow are we supposed to get?


(No, Rick wasn't trying to be funny. And yes, I really do say goofy things like "Good night, Nellie" and "Sweet mother of pearl.")

It's not in the forecast, but we're getting a lovely, heavy snowfall this morning.

Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

I'll be sure to dial up and push the button for the webcam's windshield wiper several times today.

Meanwhile, weather will be the topic this evening when Will does a phone interview with the folks at Severe Weather Central. One of the hosts for the weekly online program is a coaster enthusiast (a remarkable coincidence); he thought it would be fun to talk with Will about weather, how it affects the operation of a theme and water park, and…maybe, The Voyage. If there's time.

(Sorry, this interview is no longer available online.)

And if you hear Christmas music in the background when Will is speaking, it means our high school band concert is running long and he's in the hallway outside the auditorium.

Yuletide multi-tasking is a useful skill.

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