By Paula @ Holiday World

Our web designer wondered if my ears were burning on Christmas morning:

My daughters received two identical games (one was actually a "deluxe version") for Christmas. One game was from Santa and the other game was from cousins.

My oldest was so excited to play the game, that she opened the standard version. We had planned to try to exchange the standard version for another toy at a local toy store.

When I realized that she had opened the wrong game, I explained that we could not exchange it now that the plastic was removed.

My youngest thought a moment, and then said, "Can't we call your friend Paula at Holiday World and have her ask Santa if he could put new plastic wrap on the box?"

I told her that we could not do that as she would then get the same request from thousands of other children with the same problem.

Her reply was, "Not if she doesn't tell anyone!"

The powerful connections you have there in Santa Claus, Indiana.

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