By Paula @ Holiday World

News of The Voyage has made it to Canada.

Are they still teaching the metric system in grade school? Back when I was in elementary school (long ago, when the world was young) the teachers made it sound like the switch was imminent.

Still waiting, aren't we?

And does anyone really have a solid understanding of the metric system? (Other than engineers, scientists and pharmacists, of course.)

We all know what a two-liter bottle looks like, and a meter is close in length to our yardsticks.

But that's about it.

I remember more French and Latin phrases than I do those metric conversions.

What a disgrace.

That being neither here nor there, it's interesting to note the conversion of the numbers we've repeated so often over the months.

The Voyage is 1.9 kilometers long.

Its top speed is 108 kilometers an hour.

Oh, and … Britannia est insula.

See? I really did take Latin.

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