By Paula @ Holiday World

Anyone else out there a cornball who loves to listen to old radio shows from the ’40s?

I grew up hearing my folks talk about Fibber McGee‘s closet, Jack Benny‘s squeaky violin, and Baby Snooks‘ antics.

Thanks to satellite radio those shows are available again, 60 years later.

And the commercials are a hoot. Either the plugs are non-too-subtly inserted into the script or the cracky, nasally voice of Henry Aldrich belts out a jingle.

Tums for the tummy. And Jell-O, yum, yum, yum!

A Kraft Foods employee emailed the other day, so pleased to see in our pictorial history book that Santa long ago posed for an advertisement with a variety of products, including Jell-O.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that it was Jell-O pie filling.

Lemon pie filling to be exact.

Mrs. Koch might need a slice of pie to keep her energy up as she autographs all those books, which are available in our shops and through our website.

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