By Paula @ Holiday World

This dad hadn't visited since we were Santa Claus Land!

My wife and oldest son and I just returned from a Friday-Saturday vacation at Holiday World and we all wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we had! We were impressed with the family-friendly atmosphere, how clean and well-maintained everything was, and the prices were very well within the means of a family's budget (especially with the free drinks)!

We had to stay in Evansville, which allowed for plenty of time for anticipation leading up to our first day since our son had never been and my wife and I hadn't been since it was Santa Claus Land back in the '70s. We got there Friday morning, went right in after buying our well-priced two-day tickets, and went right to Splashin' Safari. The deal with the lockers is genius! $10 rental (we got 2 because we brought so much stuff) and then $7 back after you turn in your key at the end of the day. Great idea!!

We hit the Watubee about four times right off the bat and had no lines whatsoever. Then we did the Wave and the Bahari River, followed by the larger wave pool (I can't remember the name). The burger and fries lunch hit the spot without hitting the wallet all too hard!! It was 1/4 the price of a lunch we had at another national chain theme park! I was — and am — in awe! Then, my son and I went down the Jungle Racer, went back to the large wave pool, the other "lazy river" and the AmaZOOM to wind out the day.

At that time, storms were moving in and we called it a day but prepared to return the next day.

On Saturday, we started with Holiday World and all the great rides. Being Saturday, the lines were a little longer but it was still a great time! We ended everything with another trip to Splashin' Safari.

We're already looking forward to next year and making plans for a longer stay.

Thanks again and keep up the good work. We're telling everyone about the wonderful time we had at Holiday World!

Eric W.
Murray, Kentucky

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