By Paula @ Holiday World

Larry and Korey from The Gravity Group are here today to ride The Voyage.

… with another park's owner.

Anyone else around here feel a slight tinge of jealousy?

Doesn't it hurt just a bit? After all we've meant to each other over the past two years …

Planning an incredible future for both parties.

Sharing wonderful photos.

Taking countless long, freezing-cold-to-the-point-of-being-miserable walks in the woods.

Carefully examining our highs and our lows, hoping against hope to finally achieve perfection.

Celebrating together when our goal was met.

And now … so soon … they're moving on to a new conquest.


If that other park has a blog, I won't be able to look. It would be too painful.

I guess we always knew this day would come. Just not so soon. And when the hurt fades, we'll wish them well.


At least we'll always have … The Voyage.

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