DESCRIPTION: Bakuli (bah-COOL-ee) is a family water-park ride that will be located in Splashin’ Safari. Bakuli will be seven-stories tall; it combines a popular water-slide ride experience with the thrill of being dropped into a huge, colorful, high-banked bowl for the dizzying spiral ending. “Bakuli” is the Swahili word for bowl.

FEATURES: Once launched, “clover leaf” inner tubes9each containing up to four riders9slide in total darkness. The tunnel is nine feet in diameter and includes three sharp, sudden curves plus a steep “the bottom falls out” drop into Bakuli’s huge bowl. After spiraling around the six-story-wide, bright purple, green and yellow bowl, riders plunge into a final tunnel and finish in a splash pool, located in Bahari River’s center island.

HEIGHT: Bakuli is 73 feet tall.

WIDTH: The diameter of Bakuli’s enclosed slide is nine feet; the diameter of Bakuli’s “bowl” is 60 feet.

LENGTH: The length of Bakuli’s enclosed slide is 325 feet; Bakuli’s “bowl” measures 60 feet across.

RIDE TIME: Approximately 50 seconds from launch to splashdown.

INNER TUBES: 100 four-passenger “clover leaf” inner tubes.

CAPACITY: 600 Guests per hour.

SIZE: Bakuli will add one acre to Splashin’ Safari.

POOL DEPTH: The water depth of Bakuli’s splash pool will range from zero to three feet.

HEIGHT/WEIGHT LIMIT: Minimum height to ride with an adult is 42 inches; minimum height to ride without an adult is 48 inches. Riders’ maximum total weight must not exceed 600 pounds per 4-passenger inner tube; maximum 4 riders per inner tube, including no more than 2 adults; on this ride, an adult is 5’6″ or taller.

TRANSLATION: Bakuli means “bowl” in Swahili.

INVESTMENT: $1.6 million; part of the $4.5 million expansion project for 2007.

RIDE DESIGNER: ProSlide Technologies, Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

MEDIA CONTACT: Paula Werne, 812-937-5209;

Released: 9 September, 2006
Media contact: Paula Werne,; 812-937-5209