A seven-story family water slide tops the list of $4.5 million in additions for Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in 2007.

“Our Zinga water slide is the most popular ride in Splashin’ Safari,” says the park’s president, Will Koch. “The new Bakuli will add a fun twist to that ride experience, as families will find themselves spiraling inside a gigantic, high-banked bowl.”

Bakuli*, more than seven stories tall, will begin with riders careening down a nine-foot-wide, enclosed water slide. Using four-passenger cloverleaf inner tubes, families will ride in the dark, navigating sudden, tight turns.

“And then the bottom will fall out,” Koch adds, “and into the sunshine and the 60-foot bowl you’ll spiral.” The purple, green and yellow bowl will be located on the island in the middle of Bahari River; the start tower will be to the north of the river.

Koch says Bakuli, which is the Swahili word for “bowl,” will add capacity, which is again a priority in 2007, as attendance in 2006 is expected to surpass one million guests for the first time in the park’s 60-year history.

Holiday World’s new ride is Turkey Whirl, a themed tilt-a-whirl. The Thanksgiving section will also gain a new restaurant in 2007; the Plymouth Rock Café will offer cafeteria-style Thanksgiving dinners with outdoor seating for 300.

Koch predicts a five-percent increase in attendance for Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in 2007 and the need for 50 additional seasonal employees.

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Released: 9 September, 2006
Media contact: Paula Werne, fun@holidayworld.com; 812-937-5209