By Paula @ Holiday World

Will and William weren’t the only Turkey Whirl riders last week.

When asked if he enjoyed that inaugural ride, Will replied proudly, “Yes, I did. I enjoyed the first half tremendously.”

Poor Will gets a little woozy. He’s more of a coaster guy.

I share Will’s … um, affliction. Which reminds me, thanks to Tori for taking these photos. I was conveniently indisposed during the turkeys’ first whirl.

So who did ride?

Let’s start with Sean and Nathan. They’re two of our Coaster Maintenance crew members.

Next, Roger; he’s on the Grounds crew.

Mrs. Koch shares her turkey with Erin and Vanessa, from our Merchandise department.

Painters Matt and Kyle are used to stirring things up.

Joe is our IT manager.

Matt, Dee Ann and April look cold, don’t they? I don’t think Matt’s hood is to keep his ears
warm, though; it’s a disguise. He’s hoping his two little girls don’t find out Daddy already got to ride the new tilt-a-whirl.

Meanwhile, CPR Training for our full-timers was conducted last week.

Jodie, our warehouse manager, needed no convincing to “save” her assistant manager, David.

And here’s Rachel “saving” Mrs. Koch.

Our Countdown Clock says 73 days till opening. That news is enough to give any of us heart palpitations.

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