By Paula @ Holiday World

…have at last been revealed.

Part of my job is to "pitch" story ideas. Not just the big announcements, but individual features that are only offered to a single reporter with a particular interest.

Here's a pitch from last year that Chad from WFIE-TV never forgot.

Chad is a meteorologist and was intrigued that Will likes weather gadgets. The equipment we've collected over the years really makes a difference in our severe weather preparedness.

Mrs. Koch was laughing as she chatted with Chad about years ago when she used to stand in the Christmas plaza under a big umbrella, scanning the skies for lightning.

As the park has grown, we've created a severe weather plan, which includes moving our Guests into shelters when there's rough stuff on the way.

To see Chad's story, click here and scroll down the "14 News Top Video" box for the story titled "Emergency: Local theme park shares stormy weather plan."

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