By Paula @ Holiday World

It’s all smiles around here when the call goes out: The British are coming!

There’s something about the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain. They’re good sports, that’s for sure.

Although I had to explain the significance of having them pose by this sign:

They did happen to mention that “petrol” across the pond is a bit steeper than our gas prices here in the Colonies. They don’t quite understanding our whining, when they pay something like $12 a gallon. Gulp. No wonder they “holiday” in the States each summer.

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One Response to “Perhaps they left their red coats on the motorcoach”

  1. Anonymous
    holiday world is the best thang i do on summer vacashin me my mom,brother,gramother,cousin,moms friend are going the 11th and leveaing on the 15th