By Paula @ Holiday World

Why in the world is that low-hanging-britches thing still in style?

Fellas … nobody, but nobody, wants to see your boxers.


Recently a fellow in that mode of dress sauntered up to one of our Sweepers with a question:

"Dude … how do I get to the water park?"

Mrs. Koch just happened to be standing nearby. She waited patiently while the Sweeper explained the easiest route.

Then she sprung into action.

She tapped the casually-dressed fellow on the arm (he was easily a foot taller than she, so she couldn't reach his shoulder).

When he turned to look at her, Mrs. Koch smiled brightly and said:

Dude … would you please pull up your pants? I'm really not interested in seeing what kind of underwear you have on today.

Happily, the dude yanked up his britches as he made his way toward the Splashin' Safari entrance.

The young Sweeper, with a big grin on his face, high-fived Mrs. Koch.

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