By Paula @ Holiday World

We just had to drop you a note about our recent visit to Holiday World. We brought our daugher there when she was five so she could see Santa Claus and ride the little train. Now that daughter (all grown up) discovered you have been transformed into quite the place!

We brought our grandson and granddaughter to have a visit and it was wonderful!

The free pop was wonderful, especially when the weather is SO HOT! The sunscreen is a great perk also.

But the best part was how you maintained the “hills and hollers” of southern Indiana while making a great amusement park.

The trees were a welcome feature also.

We also appreciated your dress code; it was refreshing to take young kids to an amusement park and know we didn’t have to be afraid what kind of outfits they might see.

Also, the patriotic music was so great to hear, when so many places will not use it.

We have been Cedar Point devotees for probably over 40 years and find that we will never go back again when we can come to Holiday World. You have so much more to offer a family looking for a quality experience.

Roy and Pat R.
Portage, Michigan

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