By Paula @ Holiday World

This time of year, we always worry about leaks.

We have a pretty good idea what we're adding for next year, but there's all that naming, designing-of-logo(s), putting-together-of-fact-sheet(s) and webpage redesign(s) busywork that just takes time.

Enter Mike, our sales director. He's already hitting the road, selling the '08 season.

Sworn to secrecy.

It just about kills him every year.

So, out of respect for Mike's children, who love their daddy, we push ourselves to make the announcement each fall just a bit before each "t" is crossed and "i" is dotted.

I'm a believer in releasing the information on our website at the same time we talk to the media…so be sure to check back on Thursday, September 20, as we plan to tip our hand that morning around 11 am.

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