By Paula @ Holiday World

So, am I getting on your nerves yet?

For weeks and weeks a barrage of emails has overloaded my Inbox.

And everyone's asked the same thing: We know about Kima Bay, but you promised more.

When will you tell us?

And now, we start talking about 2009.

Is this a typo … or something far more sinister?

Actually, this isn't the promised announcement. That will come soon. (Promise. Really. No, really.)

This is about an entirely different project. Something just down the road.

An amphitheatre. With 1,500 seats. And a roof.

It's a beautiful facility, located in Lincoln State Park.

Will is heading up the non-profit organization whose mission it is to produce a play about Abraham Lincoln. After all, he grew up here.

All those stories you've heard about his tough childhood? Happened right here.

Remember the one about how he borrowed a book and it got damaged in the rain? Abraham worked for days to pay off the damage…

Yup. Happened here in southern Indiana. His beloved mother is buried here, as is his only sister.

Who knew?

Well, if we do things right, the world will know. Abraham truly grew up here, from the time he was seven until he was 21. Think about it: those are the main years of a child's education; that's when a person's character is formed.

And that's our story.

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809, so in just two years it will be the bicentennial of his birth. So that's the plan for 2009: get the play open and fill up that theater.

Here's where you come in: In any given month, upwards of 40,000 folks click on and presumably read the HoliBlog (thanks, by the way). Surely some of you know someone who is interested in theatre–or maybe they will know someone who fits the bill. And eventually, we'll find our playwright and general manager. If you would be so kind, send them here for more information. And here's a nice article, too.

Then I can get back to work preparing for us to announce that rest of what's being added to Holiday World in 2008.

That will come soon. (Promise. Really. No, really.)

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