By Paula @ Holiday World

Ah, the requests have started.

"How do I win tickets?"

"Can I be the first to ride the new carousel"?

"What temperature will the water at Kima Bay be on May 17?"

There was a new one last night: I saw in the Internet you have free soft drinks. How does that work? Will you ship them to me here in New York or do you prefer to mail me a coupon I can take to my supermarket?

I kid you not.

Happily, we do have our first opportunity to win tickets.

Ryan, our marketing intern, is looking for your favorite family photo taken at Holiday World or Splashin' Safari.

He's calling it the Family Fun Photo Contest.

So if you'd like a chance at winning a pair of one-day tickets for this season, send us your best by next Thursday, March 6. (Thank heavens March is almost here!)

Go ahead and send your entry to me: and I'll forward it to Ryan. Nothing more than 2-3MB please; lower resolution is fine.

And if you include a note about how much you love the HoliBlog, you'll earn my eternal gratitude, but bupkis with Ryan.

And speaking of eternal gratitude, thanks to those who have clicked on the Technorati button (you'll need to scroll down below the Archives listing to get there). A few more clicks (just to get us to double digits, I'm not proud) would be as well-received as the first robin of spring.

Or a funnel cake.

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