By Paula @ Holiday World

Here's a new website for you:

What the heck kind of a name is that?

I asked Charlie at BlooLoop for an explanation, but I still don't really understand (and I don't think it was the English accent, but it did make it hard to concentrate).

He told me they were trying to come up with a truly original name and when Blue Loop was already taken (go figure) they opted for BlooLoop.

It's an industry site, so if you're really into learning everything there is to know about parks worldwide, you might enjoy taking a look.

They even have a blog.

Charlie and his mates (remember they're in England) were brilliant (ditto) in assembling a group of industry stars to blog for them.

Including Will.

Here's his first post.

I'll be sure to post a link here whenever Will posts there (he's committed to once a month).

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