By Paula @ Holiday World

We receive all kinds of emails.

Most of them are remarkably nice.

And thanks to IT Joe and our spamfilter, the majority are clean.

But once in a while, there's a message that gives us pause.


Pardon me, what's that? Dffff?

What does that mean? Is it code?

Or some of that texting lingo?

Happily, the sender quickly followed with a second email: Sorry about previous email – cat hit the send button.

Yes, of course.

Since there were no further instructions from the sender, I forwarded the kitty's email on to the appropriate staff member … Holidog.

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One Response to “A catty email”

  1. sarah marr schwartzkopf

    THANK YOU for your allergy information at your restaurants. My daughter has a tree nut allergy and is very nervous about eating at unfamilar restaruants (so are we), We were thrilled by your attention to this very important but often overlooked issue.. Kudos to you.