By Paula @ Holiday World

When I first tweeted about this new page on our website, we heard a comment that "Pat looks a tiny bit scary."


Instead, these lines from the Christmas song popped into my head: She knows when you've been sleeping … she knows when you're awake. She knows when you've been bad or good…

Actually, there's a bit of a story behind this page. When Rick was designing his first website with us back in the fall of 2002, he asked me if we wanted to have an "intercept page" to provide frequently-asked-questions to folks who were planning to email us.

Something about that just didn't feel right. I worried we'd offend people by acting like we didn't want to personally answer their questions.

But a few years ago, it started making more sense. If we could provide a quick and easy way to answer their questions on the spot, it was worth a try; we just needed to find a way to make it an enhancement rather than an annoyance.

If we could just have an amusing graphic or photo …

… enter Mrs. Koch. She's game for just about anything.

When I called to ask if she'd pose for this photo, she was over here in a flash. She didn't even run home to change — can you tell what sweater she has on?

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