By Paula @ Holiday World

This is one of those "good news – bad news" things. Will just shared this info with our staff, asking that we spread the word.

The good news is: We ordered (and have just received) two additional boats for Pilgrims Plunge. That takes us from five to seven boats. Added capacity. Needed added capacity, right? Let’s keep those lines moving! And let’s keep those riders riding!

The bad news is: Adjustments have to be made in the ride system to allow for the 40% increase in boats. That means some planned down-time.

According to Will: (The ride manufacturer’s) plan is to work through the night (Monday) to make physical changes to the ride, including wiring, relays, etc. and then to make control system changes during the following day. Of course, after the changes are made, the ride will have to be tested in all modes of operation, all e-stops, etc. before we can consider it safe and ready for operation.

This will happen on Tuesday, June 30. We’re hoping that Pilgrims Plunge will reopen later in the day on Tuesday, with at least a few hours to ride. But (as much as we wish we could) we can’t promise.

We just wanted to post this information ahead of time so if you want to change your plans, you can.

Oh, and the other good news is the weather is supposed to improve after Sunday, so we’ll have a bit of welcome relief from this remarkable heat and humidity.

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