By Paula @ Holiday World

…Track Busters!

Yesterday morning, members of our Coaster Maintenance Technicians crew detected some fatigue on a section of the top steel on The Voyage’s track.

The four of them (from left, Bryan, Arch, Tim, and Chad) hopped to it and replaced the steel in time for The Voyage to open right on time.

What’s your favorite element of The Voyage? Head over here vote in our poll and see what others have to say.

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One Response to “Fatigued? Who ya gonna call…”

  1. Anonymous

    The 2010 addition will be a new holiday (maybe President’s Day since we’re in Lincoln’s land), built on the location of the Raven parking lot.  The second greatest ride purchase will be 3-4 rides for the new area, including a junior wooden coaster like Zach’s Zoomer at Michigan’s Adventure and a log ride through the woods of the Raven called "Lincoln’s Logs".  Then, in 2011, a new water coaster will be built running out through the woods parallel to the Voyage.

    Here’s hoping…  Then again, I was way off on this year’s addition.