By Paula @ Holiday World

Naw, his name’s not Al, it’s Michael. (Couldn’t resist…)

Sometimes a family’s best souvenir is the delicious evidence of silliness carried home in the camera.

Errin’s family visited recently from Newark, Ohio. She says her family camped here for a week and each of their three children got to bring a friend along.

This is Michael, a friend of Errin’s son Thor. (Okay…and how cool a name is Thor?)

Errin says this picture is extra fun because Michael is normally a rather quiet fellow. They really got a kick out of his antics.

And so, apparently, did the carousel horse in the background. Can’t you just hear a little whinny?

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One Response to “Al Dente, meet Mr. Tiger…”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi just wanted to say that today was our first trip to Holiday World. We enjoyed it so much. The park could not have been cleaner and the staff ALL of them were wonderful!!!  The park is great!!! There was more to do than what we expected. Thanks for a great day!!!