By Paula @ Holiday World

We receive a nice email occasionally from a coaster-enthusiast friend named Mike. It's always great to hear from him.

His latest missive brought tears to our eyes.

Here's Mike's story:

When I was about age 6, my biological family and I were separated by the decision to give me up for adoption.

I had four cousins and a younger half-sister I never saw again for nearly 30 years until this year.

Thanks to the powers of the Internet, Facebook, and lot of luck from Above, I was reunited with all of them!

I got the chance to see my sister in NYC during a taping of the Rachael Ray Show (which aired nationwide October 13).

^ Rachael Ray, Mike's sister and cousin, plus his wife, Tammy.

But the icing on the cake was the fact that 2 of my cousins, Ryan and his sister Renee' were only a few short hours north of our favorite park, Holiday World! So, the decision was made to make a whole day of it there, and it was WONDERFUL!

^ What was old… that's Mike in the front row, far left. Next to him are cousins Renee' and Kristie; back row, cousins Eric and Ryan (in the white shirt).

^ …is new again! Cousins Mike, Renee' and Ryan reunite this month at Holiday World.

Thanks Holiday World, for being THE perfect place for me to reunite with my family, AND giving us a chance to reconnect and make up for lost time!

Sincerely,     Mike, and my cousins Ryan and his sister Renee' 

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One Response to “Cousins reunited after 30 years”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, it’s my first time here.  I came to the website, looking for operation hours.  Imagine how disappointed I was to learn Hoiday World is closed for the season!  What a shame to waste this beautiful fall weather!  How about considering extending weekend hours until it’s actually cold out?   We’re just getting into the Holiday Spirit.  Even then, with the asphalt, I bet there is a lot of ambient heat so the temperature in the park would be tolerable.   I bet there are a lot of Grandparents like us who are dying for someplace fun to take the kid  when we have them for a day or so and it’s not so hot that we have to worry about heatstroke!  The entire park would not have to be open.  You wouldn’t need the Water parks, or so many shows.  I think staff could be reduced due to less heat and need for refreshments, and a cool place to sit and rest.   Anyway, please consider the possibilities!  Our little ones are 2 1/2 and we have a few years to enjoy them before they go to school, and we would love to take them to Holiday World in the fall!  Thanks, Lydia