By Paula @ Holiday World

Thank you to all the veterans whose devotion to our country has kept us safe and free over the centuries.

In 1914, this young Navy man helped plan a ship-board Christmas party at the Brooklyn Shipyard for underprivileged children.

Since he liked to talk about being from a town near Santa Claus, Indiana, he was asked to play Santa for the children.

After experiencing the love and hope in those children’s eyes, young Jim Yellig made a promise to God, "If you get me through this war, I will forever be Santa Claus."

And of course, he kept his promise…

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2 Responses to “One veteran’s story”

  1. Anonymous

    I owe Jim Yellig a deep debt of gratitude not only for his service to our Country, but to the Santa Claus world as well. He truly was Santa.

  2. Jacqueline Duvall

    we visted Holiday World for the second time this past summer my 5 yr old daughter’s favorite part was Santa’s story time. there was no bigger smile on her face than when she was hugging Santa. you almost have my 9 and 13 yr old boys convinced also. Thank you so much for your dedication as Santa. And especially for your Navy service. hope to see you next summer!!