DESCRIPTION: Wildebeest is the World’s Longest Water Coaster. Using HydroMagnetic technology, the four-person boats fly up a series of seven hills utilizing eight linear induction motors (LIMs). The water coaster begins with a conveyor ride “lifthill,” followed by a 38-foot drop at a 45-degree angle. The two-and-a-half minute ride includes a total of seven drops, adding up to 178 feet of total “drop.” Wildebeest’s length is the greatest of any water coaster in the world: 1,710 feet, a third of a mile.

FEATURES: Located in Splashin’ Safari, Wildebeest begins with a conveyor ride up the water coaster’s lifthill. Following the 38-foot drop at a 45-degree angle, linear induction motors (LIMs) propel the four-person boats up seven additional hills, through two tunnels and around a helix.

TECHNOLOGY: HydroMagnetic technology utilizes LIMs to propel Wildebeest’s boats up the water coaster’s hills. An alternating magnetic field beneath the slide surface propels the rafts, pushing them rapidly and smoothly uphill. LIM technology is a popular feature in some steel roller coasters.

WORLD RECORD LENGTH: Wildebeest’s length is 1,710 feet (1/3 of a mile), making it the World’s Longest Water Coaster. It is also the World’s First Ride-up HydroMagnetic Water Coaster.

RIDE LENGTH: 1,710 feet, the World’s Longest Water Coaster.

DROPS/ANGLES: The first drop is 38 feet, at a 45-degree angle. Together with the six addition drops, combined length of the “drops” is 178 feet.

RIDE HEIGHT: Wildebeest is 64 feet tall, from the lowest to the highest heights.

SPEED: Top speeds: 36 feet/second; average speeds 20 feet/second.

RIDE TIME: 2 minutes, 30 seconds.


FOOTPRINT: Wildebeest covers 2.1 acres in Splashin’ Safari.

BOATS: 14 four-passenger boats with individual seatbacks; seating is toboggan-style.

STAIRS: None! Riders begin at ground level and ride up a conveyor.

CAPACITY/HEIGHT LIMIT: 720 Guests per hour. Riders must be at least 42 inches tall to ride and 48 inches tall to ride without an adult. Weight limit is 800 pounds per raft.

INVESTMENT: $5.5 million, the second largest ride project in Holiday World’s 64-year history.

RIDE DESIGNER: ProSlide Technology Inc., Ontario, Canada.

MEDIA CONTACT: Paula Werne, PR Director, 1-812-937-5209;

Released: 7 June, 2010
Media contact: Paula Werne,; 812-937-5209