By Paula @ Holiday World

Tonight’s the night. We all get to tune in and watch The Travel Channel.

For tonight, Bert the Conqueror will conqueror … Indiana.

Bert is the host of this crazy show where he goes from state to state–and often from park to park–trying to conquer his fears.

Fear of heights.

Fears of high speeds.

Fear of looking like a fool.

Or sounding like one.

Oh, that laugh. Bert’s laugh in infectious.

In the above photo, he’s sitting in our Voyage roller coaster train, waiting for the camera and audio guys to get everything ready to go.

He’s going to ride with Dan Koch, our president. You’ll notice Dan is already holding on tight.

Those two got along like a couple of fraternity brothers. The off-camera antics were hilarious. (And don’t worry, Bert’s seatbelt fit him just fine.)

Bert made friends with Mrs. Koch, too…

…plus Bert got to meet one of his heroes.

They compared beards, bellies and laughs:

And tonight, the episode premieres: on Travel Channel at 9pm CT (which is 10pm ET and PT).

We can’t wait to see how he does in championing the world’s longest water coaster and the world’s top-ranked wooden coaster.

Our wonderful “extras” sure made it look easy…

Many thanks to Bert, the Travel Channel, and the fabulous folks at Sharp Entertainment. You conquered our hearts.

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2 Responses to “Watch us on the Travel Channel tonight!”

  1. Anonymous

    The Travel Channel episode with Bert the Conqueror was great.  It  looked like everyone had a great time.  I hope it brings even more visitors to Holiday World and Splashing Safari.  Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Just got back from Holiday World and Lake Rudolph.  We had a wonderful time and will be going back for many years to come.  

    One thing that has been bugging us is, what is the background music in the Halloween area that goes "La La La" or something like that?