By Paula @ Holiday World

Talk about the dog days of summer.


Just saw a post on our Facebook page, praising the helpfulness and friendliness of our staff, even in this tough weather.

I feel like a bum, sitting here in my air-conditioned office while hundreds of our Hosts and Hostesses are out in the park doing the real work. But at least I can use this place of comfort to praise the efforts of the good folks who are out in the heat taking care of our park guests.

Here’s a little something Lori, our water-park director, does to help her staff:

Or actually, she’s sharing with a Foods employee in the above photo.

Here’s one of her crew members:

Something as simple as a frozen ice pop can make such a difference on a hot day.

Especially when you get a choice of flavors.

So who’s watching the water while the lifeguards take a cool-it break?

Lori and her other managers step in to guard.

Here they are at Bahari Wave Pool:

Please remember if you visit during these "dog days":

  • Eat breakfast
  • Drink water and Gatorade (don’t wait till you feel thirsty)
  • Use sunscreen and rub it in -reapply often
  • Pace yourself and be sure to take breaks in the shade and air-conditioning


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One Response to “A tip of the fan to our Hosts & Hostesses”

  1. Anonymous

    we  always go to holiday world!  we get free tickets from my dad’s work, and we love to pick holiday world.  they have a ride for evereyone!  the puppy rolor coaster for 2 of my little brothers, the big rollor coasters for me, my sister, and 2 other brothers, and the water park for every one!  the free drinks are the best part, because YOU GET FREE HYDRATION ALL DAY!!!!  we love to go, and we will be seeing you all, august 1, 2011, and we’ll be loving every minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! c yall soon








    love, kmlwwjsw