By Paula @ Holiday World

Warm, fuzzy moments happen around here all the time.

And when one of the men on staff tells the story, it’s all the sweeter.

So when the new guy (Tony…our Director of Maintenance) emailed this to our staff of directors, it seemed a pity not to post it here:

When I was at the Bahari Snacks window today, a young man came up to the window with a receipt and some money. He waited patiently. When he got to the window, he said that his change was wrong. He got back $5 too much!

I asked him if he liked Icees. He said yes so I bought him one. He asked me why I was doing that and I told him that most people aren’t that honest and I thought that was pretty cool.

That boy made my day.

Tony’s last name, by the way, is Perkins.

When it was announced at staff meeting months ago that our new maintenance director was Tony Perkins I immediately formulated a plan to remove his office door and replace it with a shower curtain for his first day at work.

The younger directors looked at me like I was some kind of psycho.

I guess they didn’t catch the meaning of the “eee! eeee! eeee!” screeching sound I made either.

Do me this favor, won’t you? The next time you’re in our Halloween section and the theme from that movie comes on, whisper in a slightly macabre way: Oh, Tony…they’re playing your song. (Originally posted 6/3/08)

(Added 10/29/11) While blogging about how we named our Raven roller coaster back in 1994, this photo popped up in a Google search.

This is Edgar Allan Poe.

He wrote “Once upon a midnight dreary … ” and the rest of the incredible poem we know as The Raven.

Truth be told, Raven (the poem) was published 150 years before Raven (the coaster) debuted in our Halloween section.

Perhaps I’m a bit too hopped up on Halloween candy to make a fair judgment, but do you notice any similarity between these two dashing gentlemen?

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One Response to “A peek behind the (shower) curtain”

  1. Anonymous

       Hello:  I Just wanted to say that Holiday world is the best place in the world to go for family fun , not only for the little kids but for the Big Kids as well .. back in 09 I lost my right leg due to Diabetes .. I was sad at first but i got used to it ,. Well My son took me to Holiday World this yr 2011 and it had been since 2006 since I had been to Holiday World ,When we got to Holiday World and walked up to the gate to get our tickets , I was met by Pat ,That day I will never forget she talked to me as If she had known me all of her Life she talked to me about her son and the battles she has has gone through , I never have met someone so sincere of telling me that she hoped that I had a good time , then at the end of the day as we was getting ready to leave she seen me and looked at me and said " there is my girl did you have agood time here today " I had the best day in a very long time , I want to thank Pat for the best day and I want to say that she is a Diamond in the rubble there is no one in the world that is so genuine and so Real and so Full of Life , after everything she has gone through , she is a Great Lady . Thank you Pat , I am going to go back next yr andd i hope I get to see Pat again , thank you to all the staff as well you was very nice to me and helped me when I needed it , Thank you !!    A BIG THANKS TO PAT FOR MY MAKING MY DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET


    jody G.

    Benton IL