By Paula @ Holiday World

Forgive the pun in the subject line, but looking at the photos from the Mammoth construction site this week, it becomes apparent that these pillars are all lining up to create the world’s longest water coaster.

We’re expecting colorful fiberglass to arrive soon.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, no doubt.

Indeed, is this surveyor writing down coordinants, or a grocery list …

Meanwhile, it appears we decided against parquet floors for the Mammoth pump pit.

Here’s the slightly stronger materials that will be used:

Did you know we have a Mammoth ConstructionCam here on our website?

Remember, when it’s dark out, there’s nothing much to see. But during daylight hours, there’s lots to watch as Mammoth comes alive.

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One Response to “Pillars of length”

  1. Anonymous


    The pillars in the top photo are concrete piers created using a Sonotube (link: It’s a type of concrete form. They are likely cast atop a concrete pier below ground. Both would have steel bars running along their length and in rings at specific intervals.

    The concrete planks in the bottom photo are hollowcore planks (link: They’re quicker to construct than typical cast-in-place concrete. They will probably be used to cap the pump pit, as the walls and floor of the pit are likely cast-in-place.

    -Dan P.