By Paula @ Holiday World

We love our Voyage.

It's been voted the #1 Wooden Coaster on the Planet since it was one year old.

This year is Voyage's seventh season. (Gosh, and it seems like only yesterday we were potty training … oh, wait, I seem to be confusing work and home. Once again. Never mind.)

All of our coasters get some TLC during the fall and winter months. This year, Voyage gets a little something extra.

Why? Because we can.

And we want to.

Our president, Dan Koch, invited one of the top-notch engineers from The Gravity Group to take part in a video shoot just before Christmas. (The Gravity Group designed Voyage, along with Dan's late brother Will.)

This video includes details about this year's track work, plus an update about the Timberliner trains that have been designed for Voyage.

We hope this appeals to coaster enthusiasts and the general public alike.

Any questions? Please post them below and I'll try my best to get you answers. Comments are welcome as well.

Meanwhile, can't wait till opening day!

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One Response to “Dan and Chad take a walk by The Voyage”

  1. Kevin Page

    Haven’t been to the park since 2001 (the year the bell broke on The Legend during SRM). We have friends in Ohio who didn’t want to go back until The Voyage was smoothed out, so this seems like the perfect time for it :)