By Paula @ Holiday World

on 7/31/05

While closing Holidog's FunTown one evening, I overheard an amusing exchange between a mom and her young (6 or 7ish) daughter.

The mom kept saying, "I know you need you to go to the bathroom–you need to go before we leave."

The young daughter replied, “What I need is some ice cream.”

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2 Responses to “Overheard in Holidog’s FunTown”

  1. carson

    Yet still…in the same place…I looked over and saw a kid “watering the flowers”if you know what I mean…I quickly turned away! No joke!

  2. Gracie and Emily K.

    We love this park so much! We take our little cousin here and it’s her favorite! We’re espially excited for trip here this summer to ride the “Kitty’s Tea Party.” ride!