By Paula @ Holiday World

What time is it?

It's time to take a second look at Giraffica (the ride formerly known as Pilgrims Plunge) and realize that, on a sunny day, it looks a whole lot like a giant sundial:

This time of year, Giraffica casts a long, long shadow on the field that is quickly becoming the home of our new Hyena Falls, with its four in-the-dark water slides:

So why did we change this ride's name to Giraffica?

This ride was originally part of our Thanksgiving section.

Pilgrims Plunge opened in 2009 and was then the world's tallest water ride (it's still the tallest in the U.S.).

We placed it on the northeast edge of Thanksgiving and re-worked some pathways so that it could also be accessible from Splashin' Safari, so that families could ride in their swimsuits, if they wished.

While planning to add Hyena Falls to Splashin' Safari for the 2013 season, we decided it was time to move the park boundary so that Pilgrims Plunge would be part of the water park. And so this huge water ride would need a new name to connect it to its safari brethren.

If you look at the shadow of the elevator (on the right side of the photo), you'll probably see how we came up with the name Giraffica. (It sounds best when said with great authority – the way you'd say a superhero's name: Superman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Giraffica!

And no matter what you call it, this is one fun ride! Here's a long, tall look at Giraffica's huge drop in slow motion:

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8 Responses to “It’s half-past the giraffe’s ear”

  1. Lora Barlow

    I am kinda sad to see the name change. With all of the past publicity and photos and videos and name recognition of Pilgrim’s Plunge is Holiday World not concerned with loosing that connection? If you google Pilgrim Plunge you come up with all sorts of connections to our beloved Holiday World.

    A simple name change to “The Plunge” might have kept that connection better.

    A rose by any other name I suppose. To us, it will always be the plunge…. no matter what the name on the sign may be.

  2. Eryn B.

    I’m sad it has a new name change. I even have shirt that says “I Took The Plunge” and everything! My mom says I could just consider it special and that it could become vintage someday, but it’s not the same. No matter what its name is, it will always be Pilgrims Plunge to me!

  3. Tori

    smileyI think the name change is fine but i should of been something like Giraffe Jump since there is Hyena Falls.laugh