By Paula @ Holiday World

Look who sneaked into Splashin' Safari a little early!

Hmmm … Canada geese.

Do you know that ProSlide – whose designers created the likes of ZOOMbabwe, Bakuli, Mammoth, Bahari and Wildebeest – is based in Canada?

Oh, and they are also the crazy creators of our new Hyena Falls.

Perhaps these two waterfowl (who promised not to befoul the water – which will be filtered, treated and tested as always for a pristine opening day) are ProSlide's pets? Mascots? Sidekicks?

Ah, we'll never know. After a brief float, these two lovelies took the to air again, heading north to their summer home.

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2 Responses to “Blame Canada”

  1. Jason Gordon

    This relocated Canadian cannot wait to ride all your great rides with my very eager 11 year old daughter!