By Paula @ Holiday World

Okay, so when we heard we were going to get “smart” lockers for this season, there was one simple question:

How can a locker be smart?

Well. It turns out the new lockers are not only smart, but pretty cool (technologically speaking, that is).

To boil it down:

  • They’re bigger
  • They come in two sizes
  • No more keys
  • You can get up to four wristbands to use through the day
  • If you forget your locker number, you’ll be able to find it with your wristband, because, dang it – it’s smart!
  • When you scan your wristband, your locker pops open

Nathan presents this video tutorial:

Up in Holiday World, there’s a kiosk on the outside wall of Kringle’s Kafe. Or stop by St. Nick’s Rentals (where you can rent strollers, etc.).

In Splashin’ Safari, the kiosks are hard to miss:

And there’s also a Locker Rental Booth, if you’d like up to four wristbands (and a human to talk to).

If you use a wheelchair and are concerned about the height of your locker, please rent it at the staffed booth – and ask the staff member to come with you to make sure you get a locker at a comfortable height. If the first “pop” is too high, they can reset it for you until you’re satisfied with the height of your locker.

We’re hearing lots of happy feedback from our early-season Guests. We hope you enjoy the convenience of our new roomier lockers, too!

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20 Responses to “Are you smarter than a locker?”

  1. maria golay

    In the past we could get 2 lockers side by side. With the new lockers can we still get 2 together? It didn’t sound like we could. It said that when you scan the barcode an available locker would open. Just wondering.

  2. Jeffery

    Could you tell me the dimensions of the $10 locker and the $15 locker? Is there a way to reserve a locker in advance before the schedule trip to the park? Thank you for taking time to read this and getting back in touch.


  3. Amber Slifer

    Do you get any of your money back at the end of the day? I know some places offer that. Either way I’m sure we will be renting a locker! Thanks!!

  4. JR

    I think the concept of the smart lockers and not having to carry around the wrist bands is a great idea for both your patrons and for a long term cost savings to the company. The patrons do not need to worry about who has the key and finding them in the park to get something out of the locker, standing in long lines to get keys, and worrying about standing in the long lines to get the deposit back. For the company, it means less labor needed to work in the locker rental area, less time spent looking for keys (and replacing if not found), and an investment that will pay for itself over time with the monies collected and savings in labor costs. However, my biggest concern is the pricing and how does it compare to last year’s price for a locker? In many review on the Internet (and even on your blog site), Holiday World is noted for its “low cost locker rentals” compared to other parks that charge $10-$15 for locker rental with no returnable deposit. It appears with the new pricing model; it is now in line with the competition on the pricing for the lockers and no longer has this as a competitive advantage. Has this aspect been considered in pricing the new lockers?

  5. Natalie

    In the future, it would be nice to where season passholders can get a discount on a locker. We go all the time and have to spend 10.00 every time for a locker. This should be a benefit for having passes. The new smart lockers are really awesome, but when you have to pay 10.00 a pop everytime you go, it gets expensive and take away from saving money for the family.

  6. Sara

    Will umbrella strollers fit into the larger locker? If not, what are the options for storing these through-out the day when not in use?

  7. Mary

    At the kiosk at Kringle’s Kafe can you rent a locker at Splashin’ Safari or do you have to walk all the way to Splashin’ Safari to rent the locker? In the past Splashin’ Safari has opened an hour later than the dry park, but I don’t want to carry my bags around for that hour. I watched the video, but it didn’t show if that was an option. I’m sure I will love the new lockers. Holiday World is awesome!!

  8. Lyndsey

    I see it says we will have access to the lockers until closing time. Does this refer to Splashin Safari’s closing time, or Holiday Worlds closing time?
    Thank You


    How many sets of lockers are located at Holiday World? If we rent the one at Slashing Safari, will we have access to it even after the water park is closed (but Holiday World is still open)?

  10. HoliBlog

    We have lots of lockers available – the majority are located in the plaza at Splashin’ Safari, which is open the same hours that Holiday World is open.

  11. HoliBlog

    They’ll be close to each other, but not necessarily next to each other. If that’s a problem, you can ask someone at the Locker Rental booth to help you out.

  12. HoliBlog

    Since there’s not a key involved, there’s no deposit. You just discard your wristband when you leave the park.

  13. HoliBlog

    Since there’s not a key involved, there’s no key deposit. You just discard your wristband when you leave the park.

  14. HoliBlog

    The new lockers are roomier than what we’ve had in the past. Perhaps you and a friend can share one, rather than each getting one? By the way, we still have free use-while-you-ride-this-ride lockers at our roller coasters and several other rides in Holiday World. Thanks for your comment!

  15. HoliBlog

    Here’s the measurement of the large lockers: 15″ x 22.3″ x 16.9″ Hope this helps!

  16. HoliBlog

    The kiosks provide wristbands – you decide where to use them. Just don’t scan them in Holiday World if you want a Splashin’ Safari locker. The water-park plaza is open when Holiday World opens, so if you’d like a locker there, you can head straight down there when you arrive.