By Paula @ Holiday World

Yes, despite the few drips of rain, we do plan to have our fireworks show tonight at 9pm CT.

Thanks to Chad at WFIE-TV for helping to spread the word:

Tonight, we will dedicate our fireworks ceremony to all the servicemen and servicewomen who have sacrificed  so much to keep us free.

Here's one military family, from Louisville, posing for a photo with park president Matt Eckert.

Sergeant John Gatz and his wife, Christina, have three children. The Operation Helping Heroes organization in Louisville introduced us. Sergeant Gatz served in the Gulf War and again in Afghanistan; he is now home with his family and working to help other disabled veterans.

We honor and thank the Gatz family – and every military family – for their service. Their selfless dedication to our nation ensures that we the people are able to celebrate yet another Independence Day.

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