By Paula @ Holiday World

For four years, we have worked in partnership with Gravitykraft Corp. to test a new style of roller coaster train for The Voyage, our award-winning wooden roller coaster.

We very much appreciate Gravitykraft’s efforts in this process, however ultimately we have decided to continue running the existing trains on our three wooden coasters.


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12 Responses to “Voyage trains update”

  1. dustin

    I am perfectly content with the PTC trains operating on the voyage. This is a good decision!

  2. Mitch

    PTC’s are the safe choice, I understand. But at least try something different for Voyage! It’s a world class coaster that deserves the best! PTC’S have to be last to timberliners and GCI’s Millennium Flyers!

  3. Jeff

    Wise decision. I rode them on Hades two weeks ago and they were uncomfortable. They were also having operational issues– lap bars wouldn’t open, decorative pieces came loose. Very disappointing after all the hype.

  4. B. Derek Shaw

    I’ve ridden Timberliners on medium sized Gravity Group coasters – that is where they navigate the track well. Your decision to keep the existing rolling stock makes a great deal of sense as the Timberliners would not provide as good of a ride experience.

  5. Melissa

    I love the coasters at HW, but it is getting harder and harder to find a train car with the full divider between seats. The full dividers are soooo much better than the L-shaped bars that most of your cars now have. I have actual bruises from being slammed into those bars around the turns on the Raven and the Legend a week or so ago. I managed to find just one car on the Raven with a full divider, but the Legend train had none, so it limited me to one rough and painful spin on that one. I love the coasters, so it makes me sad! Pretty please bring back more of the full seat dividers!

  6. Ken Moss

    I just hope you can get it running as smooth as it was the first couple years, it gave me a horrible headache at Holliwood Nights.

  7. jay

    awesome news. puts holiday world back on my bucket list for sure.. thank you so much !

  8. Ricky

    Actually, dead last with NO comparison would be the horrible Morgans & Gerstlauers. I sure hope Legend has ditched the Gerstlauers as I’ll be doing Holiday World this year.

  9. Ricky

    Actually, “last” would be Morgans and Gerstlauers. PTCs are good trains but not on severe rides or ultra-twisty rides as the non-articulating, 4-wheel-per-car design makes tracking turns difficult.

  10. Timothy

    wen i rode the Legend this past summer they made the ride most smooth then it was before still a few jerks here and there but i hoping what ever update u guys are doing for the Legend well make it better and funner :)