By Paula @ Holiday World

It can be amazing what you get asked to help out with around here.

A few days before last Saturday's "Rock the World" concert, I was invited to hang out backstage and moderate the Twitter feed for the jumbotron screens.

You know, jumbotron screens. By day:

… and by night:

Sure, why not? Sounds like fun.

Plus it allowed me plenty of time to tweet some behind-the-scenes photos.

What impressed me most about the evening was how calm it was backstage. Here's Will from Audio Adrenaline tuning up:

Between acts, the crew stormed the stage and got one band's equipment moved off and the next band moved on. All perfectly choreographed.

Meanwhile, I busily moderated the tweets, weeding out the bogus marriage proposals and such.

Instant gratification:

I tried not to snoop, but there's a little paparazzi in all of us …

Dave from Audio Adrenaline told me he wants a copy of this photo for his wife.

Native Hoosier Adam Cappa was a big hit:

Here are three members of Kutless, right before they ran up on stage.

By the time Switchfoot took to the stage, the audience was making enough noise to pop all the corn in the fields surrounding the stage.

Swiftfoot's Tim Foreman posted this on Instagram with the quip, "Cornfields and coasters. Build it and they will come."

Earlier, I had to dash back to my car to recharge my phone. Imagine my surprise when I saw Switchfoot and a photographer walk by the edge of the cornfield.

The phone had enough juice left to catch this:

One last photo from backstage:

And the crowd went wild:

Let's do it all again next year!

Rock the World: August 23, 2014.

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