By Paula @ Holiday World

Sticks and stones aside, it's always a bit amusing when our park pops up on a "Weirdest …" list.

Case in point: the wildly popular BuzzFeed website just released this video showing its picks for the "Weirdest Thing" in each of the 50 United States.

By way of clarification, the photo used to represent Santa Claus, Indiana, is actually a picture of a Santa statue in Evansville (about 40 miles to our west) that was positioned to hail drivers to a truck stop in Evansville. They are gone now (the truck stop and the statue). Sadly, pigeons had been roosting inside the aging fiberglass and the owner's plans to fix the statue have apparently fallen through.

But to use a photo of our Halloween arch as proof of our oddness?

Now that's weird!

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2 Responses to “We are, once again, called “weird””

  1. Natasha Strode

    So what if they call you WEIRD.. I have had some of the best days in your park your staff is some of the friendliest I have seen further more your park is soooo clean I would come back year after year & we love the rides too if they want to call you weird take it as a compliment!!!