By Paula @ Holiday World

We’ve been talking about celebrations a lot around here lately.

Wildedeest at Holiday World & Splashin' SafariSchool’s out.

Spring is warming up to summer.

Father’s Day.

Oh, and July 24.

We’re also tickled about our new online ticket sales program – it’s faster and less complicated. What’s not to love?

This new system also gives us the ability to create “promo codes.”

What exactly does that mean? It’s means we’re inviting you to celebrate with us with double discounts for tickets bought online and used on one of the five days between June 15 and June 19, 2014.

Five days of fun.

If you’re already an old hand with promo codes, head over to our Tickets Page and use this: celebrate

If this is your first time at the promo-code rodeo, here’s what you need to know:

1. The promo code is: CELEBRATE (or, you know: celebrate … it’s not case sensitive).

2. The promo code, when used to purchase tickets on our website between now and June 19, will discount your tickets by $10 each: down to $34.95 for General Admission and $26.95 for Guests-under-54″ and Senior (60+) tickets. Please remember, these deeply discounted tickets may only be used on these five days: from Sunday, June 15 through Thursday, June 19, 2014.

3. That’s a $10 savings per ticket.

4a. So how do we get this party started? If you’re using a desktop or laptop computer, simply head over to our Tickets Page and wait a sec until the shopping window opens, then click on the blue “Promo Code” tab up top.

4b. When you click on it, the tab will turn green and you’ll see a drop down; type in the word celebrate and then click on the “Go” button.

5. If you’re using a tablet or smartphone, simply head over to our Tickets Page; see the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner? That’s called a “hamburger,” and when you click on it you’ll see drop-down navigation, just like this:

Simply type in the word celebrate right there where I added the red arrow.

6. Either way, follow the instructions on the page and you’ll have your $10-off tickets in no time! Please remember, though, these tickets must be used on one of the five days starting with Father’s Day, June 15, and ending on Thursday, June 19, 2014.

7. What happens if you purchase these discounted tickets and then aren’t able to use them on those days? You’ll just need to pay the difference in price to match our regular Print@Home discounts when you arrive that day. The upgrade prices to use these tickets on dates before June 15 and after June 19 are $5 per General Admission ticket and $8 per Guests-under-54″ and Senior ticket.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Father’s Day, the end of another school year, the start of summer fun, and so much more – by using our “celebrate” Promo Code and saving big during this limited-time offer!



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50 Responses to “Join our “promo code” celebration!”

  1. Keri

    Not happy at all!!!! We are coming on the 17th so I bought my tickets on-line two nights ago……I could have saved $40!

    • Paula @ Holiday World

      Hi Keri – If you prefer to purchase another set of tickets using the promo code, the tickets you already have will continue to be valid all season; another option is to apply your first purchase toward 2015 tickets. Thank you and enjoy your visit!

  2. Cyndi

    Holiday World offers soooo many nice things for families. We love the family atmosphere, cleanliness of the park, free soft drinks, and free parking to name just a few. It is one place you can go as a family and still afford! Thank You Holiday World.

  3. Melanie


  4. Carla

    Aren’t these “discounted ticket prices” the same as general admission ($34.95 for adult tickets??). I am not seeing the discount applied??

    • Carla

      Checked again… it says $10.00 per ticket, but when I typed in promo code, it only discounted general admission tickets by $5.00 and 54″ and under tickets by $6.00.

    • Paula @ Holiday World

      Our tickets – at full price – are $44.95 for General Admission and $36.95 for Guests-under-54″ and Seniors (60+). The promo code discounts the price by $10 per ticket. Thank you!

  5. Mike

    If I buy the tickets from my smartphone will I just show them the tickets from my phone when we get to the park or do I have to print them from a printer? We are coming on Sunday for Fathers Day.

  6. Holly S

    My son is going up with friends on June 15th and then we will join him at the park the next day also. Can I buy him a 2-day ticket with the $5 extra discount or will I just have to buy 3 single day tickets and give him cash to get the next day ticket when he leaves?

  7. Heather

    That’s great! But, what about us coming to the park in July :(
    A July promo would be amazing…wink..wink..

  8. randy whittemore

    My family and I are coming down to holiday world. I have already purchased our tickets for one day visit, but we may be spending the next day as well. If I do would it be cheaper to get my second day tickets there at the park, I read on here about the tickets only being 27$ that way

    • Paula @ Holiday World

      Military & Veterans Discount: As a special thank you to all who serve or have served in all branches of the military, we’re offering a discounted ticket price all season long. Simply show your official i.d. at the ticket booth and save $6 off the price of General Admission tickets (save $3 off Guests-under-54” and Senior tickets). If you arrive after 3pm CDT, the savings are $12 for General Admission and $8 for Guests-under-54?/Seniors (60+). This discount applies to up to four tickets per visit.

  9. brittany

    I was wondering if there is a promo code or coupons out there to get the tickets any cheaper? My daughters birthday was Saturday and I know she would love to go.

  10. Melissa Wilson-Smith

    Coupons for food and suviners 1st time taking my children and on a fixed budget any suggestion

  11. tania carranza

    I want to go here before summer is over. it looks like a really nice and fun place.

  12. summer

    i typed in celebrate in the promo code and it says no packages available how do i get the discounted price