By Lauren R.

Hard to believe, but it’s that time again – as expressed in this #ThrowbackThursday post:

It’s already time for the seasonal hiring process to begin! #tbt #lifeguards #holidayworld

We’re now accepting applications for our 2016 season, with 2,200 seasonal positions to fill, plus several full-time jobs. Apply now!

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45 Responses to “Apply yourself!”

  1. JaLexus Smith

    Hi , i am 13 i will be 14 in 2 more weeks can i still do for a appcation ?

  2. Chloe

    Hello, I’m 14 years old and I attend school as an eighth grader, how will this affect work shifts towards students still in school?

  3. cadin

    I’m a hard working I will do anything I’m a good listener and I won’t let u done

    • cadin

      I’m 14 years old I have good grades I’m a freshman im a good listener I won’t ever disrespect anybody I have many skills and I hope u will consider me very soon

  4. John Biesel

    I would appreciate the opportunity to meet and possibly receive an interview with you.
    Thank you
    John Biesel

  5. John Biesel

    I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to interview and be considered for employment.
    John Biesel

  6. Dayona

    I’m 14 About To Be 15 In July . I Will Be A Freshman , & I Live In Henderson, Ky .

  7. Shane Cobb

    Hi, I’m Christopher Shane Cobb and I’m 16 years old and I’m wondering if you are still hiring. I would like to work for you guys for the summer that’s coming up and I need to know how to apply. Thanks.

  8. Dayona Davis

    Hello, I’m 14 About To Be 15 In July . I’m Looking For A Summer Job . I Hope Your Will Consider Hiring Me

  9. Savana Canary

    I would love working for Holiday World. I am very hardworking and would like a summer job. I can work weekends. I participate in cheer leading and am very dedicated.

  10. april pitman

    I volenteered there ib the foos sevice and would love to work there

  11. Dayonna

    I’m 15 and want to know do you guys do transportation ? I’m willing to apply for a job

  12. De'Andre Curry

    Hello I am 17 years old, and I would love to work with holiday world to be supportive in anyway possible, and work with a team to bring smiles to peoples faces.

  13. Gracie Smith

    Hello. I am 14 and I will be 15 next may. I was wondering how I could apply for a job next summer. I will be staying in Owensboro Kentucky with a family member.

  14. PJ Rudisill

    I have a son who loves to sing dance & act. I was wondering how & when you choose your summer talent? Also what is the youngest you accept for something like that?

  15. Savannah Mayfield

    hi. my name is Savannah Mayfield and i would want a application how would i do that? please reply back ima 14 year old thank you.

  16. Jake Fulton

    I am 16, and I was wondering if there’s a job spot where I can clean or sweep. I’m a good cleaner. Im just asking because I didn’t know if it was to late to apply for a job yet. Thank you for your time.