Thunderbird Train

All I want for Christmas is my two front seats!

The first train for Thunderbird is now here! Car by car, they were lifted into Thunderbird’s Maintenance Building. At four seats per car, this train is huge! And yes, Thunderbird’s trains include what coaster enthusiasts refer to as “big boy” seats. So if you’re built a little like Santa, you’ll be happy to know the…

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This skyline looks chilly

Thanks to Nathan, one of our past interns, for tweeting this photo on Saturday: Well hello there @HolidayWorld! Your skyline has changed just a tad! #Thunderbird — Nathan Nelson (@nathan_nelson) December 20, 2014

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Thunderbird Blueprint Product Gallery - Twists and Turns

We’ll have a Blue(print) Christmas

Since adding our Limited Edition Thunderbird Blueprint to the HoliShop yesterday afternoon, we’ve had orders from New York to California, Minnesota to Florida! In all, Thunderbird Blueprints are heading to good homes in 12 states plus the District of Columbia. So far. Limited Edition. #PleaseSantaPlease — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) December 16, 2014 This…

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Crow's Nest and Thunderbird

Crow’s Nest: A bird’s-eye view

Well, you figured it out, didn’t you? We moved Sparkler this week from 4th of July to Thanksgiving and re-named it Crow’s Nest. Before we move any further with this, we’re not talking about a physical nest where Mama Crow lays her eggs. No. We’re speaking in nautical terms. See that bucket-looking gold-rimmed brown cone…

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Dreaming of an orange Christmas

Transitioning from Hall of Fame wrestler to one of Santa’s jolliest helpers may seem like quite a leap, but for Mick Foley it was a natural progression. … because Mick has always loved Christmas. And Santa Claus parks. And helping children (his first visit here was in 2002 and he brought along two young Wish…

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66 Hours to See

If you are one of the rabid fans who counted down the days with us before we announced Thunderbird in late July, you’ll either laugh – or more likely grit your teeth – when you read the subject line of this post. We. Just. Can’t. Help. Ourselves. In last week’s edition of the Hard Hat…

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Jolly ol’ Saint Mick

When you work in a town named Santa Claus, you sort of get used to day-to-day life being a bit surreal. For example, a WWE Hall of Famer might just text you one Saturday afternoon and invite you to dinner. Having dinner with my favorite Santa's Helper ever! @realmickfoley @SantaClausInd — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld)…

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Last Piece of Track

“He roller coaster, he got early warning”

As a rule, I don’t do mushy. Especially not in front of others. And especially not while blogging. It’s like I always say, “Friends don’t let friends blog and get sentimental.” Okay, I’m kidding. I think we all know I’ve had a few sappy blog posts. So, what’s one more mushy story? Let me set…

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A very Brady coaster

There’s no denying, Thunderbird is getting a lot of love and attention this fall. It’s the new coaster on the block, and there’s lots of interest in how construction is coming along. (Spoiler alert: it’s coming along really, really well – stay tuned for more next week. Maybe even watch the Thunderbird ConstructionCams. On Monday.)…

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Chillin’ with the Thunderbird

We just finished up two hours of “live shots” with Deanna from WFIE-TV and boy, is it cold out there today! After a look inside our Maintenance Shop and then the Paint Shop, the sun came up and we visited the Thunderbird construction site. Anyone who works outdoors for a living has my undying respect…

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HoliShop ’til you drop!

Our new website is now complete – we’ve launched the new HoliShop this week. With some old favorites plus some fun new items: Yea. This. #GoingFast — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) November 12, 2014 And yes, the $5 Grab Bag shirts are back for a limited time. Happy HoliShopping!

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A horse(shoe) of a different color

We’ve heard many comments about how fast Thunderbird construction is coming along. How fast? This fast: Watch us create Thunderbird’s “elevated horseshoe” in this timelapse #video. #holidayworld A video posted by Holiday World (@holidayworld) on Nov 11, 2014 at 2:13pm PST

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