Thunderbird Logo Installation

Thunderbird’s other sound

We posted this video snip a week ago, to share we had both trains on Thunderbird’s track (an important step in the testing process) and to point out the haunting cry of the Thunderbird. What we didn’t explain was the “chch” sound as each train processes through the loading station. Here’s the answer, from VP…

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Holiday World logo

Our Values: So much more than free soft drinks

When choosing a place to spend precious time with family and friends, many trip planners pay special attention to value. Because we’re all on a budget, right? We receive a lot of kudos each year for offering free soft drinks, free parking, and more. Values, though, go much deeper than just the pocketbook. About a…

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Eric, 14News Scott, andLeah

Thunderbird launches in just one month

Ever since I was a little kid, I loved the 25th of each month. Because the 25th ties in with Christmas. “Christmas is three months away!” Always a thrill. This countdown habit of mine continues to this day. And so … Happy Christmas in March! We are, as of today, one month away from Opening…

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Thunderbird First Flight Auction

Who rides Thunderbird first?

Oh, boy. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked that question these last eight months! The simple answer is: the Test Dummies. They ride first. And they’re having a blast. But for those of you who are truly interested in securing a seat for when the nation’s first launched wing coaster…

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Thunderbird Testing - Flying High

The cry of the Thunderbird

Oh, that sound … Thunderbird's two trains had a launch date today. Don't miss the screech. I can't get enough of that sound … — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) March 21, 2015 Are you excited to ride Thunderbird? Please vote for America’s First Launched Wing Roller Coaster in this poll on the ThemeParkInsider website. Two…

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The wearin’ of the scream!

It helps to have a celebratory spirit if you want to make a career for yourself here at Holiday World. It doesn’t matter if it’s Toe Nail Clippings Day or Just Take One Bite of Anchovy Pizza Week, we love holidays and celebrations. (Well, maybe not that first one. But we laugh about it –…

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First Test Launch

Sweepstakes: Almost Launch Time!

Thanks to everyone who entered our sweepstakes – our winner is Faith C. from Franklin, Ohio. Faith wins four one-day tickets to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari plus two nights in a Christmas Cabin at Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort. Thanks again to all who entered! ——— You’ve been hungry for a steel coaster…

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Matt photobombed by Thunderbird


Matt, our president, recently took part in an interview with Funworld magazine. This was soon followed by a request for his photo. Since they didn’t require a head shot – and we finally had a sunny day – we headed out to Thunderbird territory for some pops of orange in the background. Up until this…

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Courtney from WDRB

“Film at 4!”

We keep a supply of hard hats for visiting news media. We learned today we should keep some mud boots on hand, too. (VP James assured us we’re pouring lots of concrete for walkways this week.) Courtney and Dave from WDRB-TV were very good sports as they put together a news story about our new…

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What’s for launch?

Mother Nature is giving us one last kick in the tail feathers today, with a mix of sleet and snow. So what’s for launch on a chilly day? Our #LaunchPlans countdown continues: T minus 52 days till Thunderbird soars.

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Michelangelo, da Vinci, and …

… Bolliger & Mabillard! You will louvre Thunderbird – it's a work of art! #LaunchPlans — Holiday World (@HolidayWorld) March 3, 2015 This masterpiece opens in just 53 days!

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Thunderbird Launch Pack

Front of the line

For those of you asking about Front of the Line passes, we will have the occasional Front of Line Pass available as a prize at some Games this year … and even as part of this HoliAuction package. For all those asking about Front of Line Passes for Thunderbird: #LAndy — Holiday World…

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“Up, up, up!”

Family is what it’s all about. No one’s going to argue with that statement, right? Whether we look toward the older generation or the little ones just getting started, there’s nothing like the memories we have of our moments together. And so I tell you this story as a happy grandma. My little grandson is…

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Rayvon Owen


Rayvon Owen, a Holiday World entertainment alum, is making his way into America’s living rooms with American Idol! (Okay, once his audition video was available online, I kind of figured he was going to make it to Hollywood … and it will be incredibly exciting to see him perform tonight!) We’re proud of all of…

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