Deep-fried question: Fabulous or flop?

Deep-fried PB&J

It’s no secret that we do lots of tasting-testing this time of the year. And with a new restaurant opening this season, we’re trying out possible new menu items on a daily basis. Really. Andrea and Michael, from our Food & Beverage Department, called for volunteers to try out an old favorite with a new…

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It’s just too cold for ice cream!

When it looks like this outside: With ice hanging from every branch, eave and flume … Well, it’s just too cold for ice cream, isn’t it? And there’s nothing left to do than join our Food & Beverage team in tasting … gelato. Yes, of course! Foods Manager Michael happily sampled flavor after flavor. It’s…

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Halloween FAQ

Remember yesterday's post about Lauren's meeting with the spiders? Well, apparently they were just consultants, not workers. Poor Michael was challenged with spinning his own web. … and then somehow moving it from ground level up into the sky. A bit of rain didn't get him down. Michael spun a little magic and, with the…

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