A look around for Louisville

Courtney from WDRB-TV

On Wednesday, we hosted a news crew from WDRB-TV in Louisville. You may notice I cropped the photo so that you can’t see how muddy Courtney’s shoes were. Between the rain and the melting snow and ice this week, it was a challenge to meander our way from Thunderbird’s maintenance building to our new roller…

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“Film at 4!”

Courtney from WDRB

We keep a supply of hard hats for visiting news media. We learned today we should keep some mud boots on hand, too. (VP James assured us we’re pouring lots of concrete for walkways this week.) Courtney and Dave from WDRB-TV were very good sports as they put together a news story about our new…

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Travel Channel takes Santa on a wild ride

Christmastown, USA on Travel Channel

Back in May, Santa was tickled pink when a Travel Channel crew visited us to shoot a new holiday special. Of course, it was a tad warmer back then … Did you notice in the photo – in front of Santa’s face? They used that little clapper thing to sync the footage with the audio….

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A hard-hat tour for 14News

Loops and Turns

Deanna from 14News in Evansville is an early riser. She sort of has to be; it’s her job. We met up with VP James at 5am to check out what goes on here during the off-season. First in the Maintenance Shop … Our Turkey Whirl turkey sure looks happy to be on camera. Or maybe…

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Chillin’ with the Thunderbird

We just finished up two hours of “live shots” with Deanna from WFIE-TV and boy, is it cold out there today! After a look inside our Maintenance Shop and then the Paint Shop, the sun came up and we visited the Thunderbird construction site. Anyone who works outdoors for a living has my undying respect…

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Great Scott! Tune in Thursday night

Have you ever wondered what it takes to put together an episode of reality TV? Not the table-throwing, wine-tossing kind of reality show … a nice, fun travel show. There’s a new series on the Great American Country (GAC) channel called “All-American Amusement Parks.” Actually, when we first heard from the production company, they used…

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Just another Mammoth Monday!

Fox News Channel was looking for the nation’s top water-park rides, and they found Mammoth! Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

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What are you WISHing for?

Take a look at some WISH-ful thinking from early this morning: All will be revealed this evening starting at 8:15pm CDT: http://HolidayWorld2015.com Please join us! And Happy Christmas Eve in July!

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Someone’s in the kitchen with Santa

Have you checked out the new Mrs. Klaus’ Kitchen yet? Holidog is a big fan. … and so is Tabnie from Eyewitness News. Foods Manager Tammy was happy for the help on a recent morning and gleefully instructed Tabnie in the fine art of “freestyling” dough. After proofing the dough, it was time to add…

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Eat like a ’beest

When you picture a herd of wildebeest, don’t you think of them being in stampede mode? They like to move. They migrate at a fast pace. And so our new Wildebeestro restaurant follows their lead, with a light and fast Grab & Go menu. Tabnie from Eyewitness News stopped by for a behind-the-scenes look. In…

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“Sure wish we had smell-a-vision!”

Have you ever wished you could sneak into one of our kitchens to see exactly how we create the treats that make your visit extra special? Tabnie from Eyewitness News did just that recently. She and Brian got up close and personal with the staff of the Funnel Cake Factory in our 4th of July…

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Your daily floss

Long ago, my oldest son explained to me the difference between a “geek” and a “nerd.” Tom now works at JPL (which you may recognize from The Big Bang Theory), so whatever he told me then was no doubt correct. Thing is, I don’t exactly remember what he said … But whether you’re a geek…

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